Capsules - 112.5B

112.5 Billion CFU
  • Great for everyday use
  • 60 capsules per bottle
  • Save up to 15% for buying multi-packs
  • HSA/FSA-Eligible with Learn How

The VSL#3® Difference

Bacteria Diversity

VSL#3® contains 8 complementary strains from 3 different genera. Many OTC brands only have 1 strain.

Viability Guaranteed

VSL#3® is stored and shipped under refrigerated conditions to ensure optimal viability.


Contains 100+ billion live CFU. 5x more good bacteria than many leading OTC brands.

Recommended by Gastroenterologists

VSL#3® is held to a higher standard as a Medical Food. Most well-known probiotics brands are food supplements.

Exceptional Value

More CFU per dollar than many other leading brands.

About The Capsules

112.5 Billion CFU
100B+ CFU
Cold Chain Guaranteed
Clinically Tested
Recommended by Gastroenterologists

Why doctor's trust VSL#3®:

Dr. George Barrett MD
Founder and Chief of Gastroenterology Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital - Milton

“I recommend VSL #3® for maintenance of a healthy gut microbiome.”

Dr. William Andy Shaver MD
Gastroenterologist Lubbock, TX

“I’ve had great success in using VSL#3® post colonoscopy, and especially so in my IBS and UC patients.”

Dr. Victor Gallo
Garden City Colon and Rectal Surgery Practice

"The best product for IBD. I strongly recommend VSL#3®."