VSL#3® Powders–Dosing for Dietary Management Of Ulcerative Colitis (UC) and Pouchitis

VSL#3® provides flexible dosing options for a range of patient needs1

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Dose may be adjusted based on patient symptoms.

Patient instructions

It is important to take VSL#3® every day for patients to feel the full benefit. It may take up to 30 days for the probiotics in VSL#3® to grow and colonize the intestinal tract.1

Keep VSL#3® refrigerated so bacteria remain viable1

To assist with transport or travel, VSL#3® can be kept at room temperature not exceeding 77°F for up to 2 weeks. VSL#3® powders can be mixed with cool or cold foods or liquids.1

Prescribe VSL#3® Powders for the dietary management of mild-to-moderate UC or pouchitis

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Reference: 1. VSL#3® Product Information. Alfasigma USA, Covington, LA. 2017.